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Copper Fold-Formed Leaf Earrings – Large

These Large Copper Fold-Formed Leaf Earrings were inspired by the look of the leaves when autumn arrives and the season begins to remake their beautiful hue. The rich tones of the copper bring to mind the warm glow of fall foliage, and the carefully folded shape resembles the way the leaves begin to close and curl onto themselves when the weather turns. Striking details like the hand chased texture and the irregular shape of the edges enhance the naturalism of the earrings to make them even more stunning as they dangle from the ears. Measuring 3-1/2 inches in length by 1 inch in width, the Large Copper Fold-Formed Leaf Earrings are handmade and have been finished with a tarnish-resistant clear coating to enhance their durability. The earrings’ posts are made out of sterling silver, are comfortable for pierced ears and ideally shaped to remain securely in place. The earrings are also available in smaller dangles and in a post style.

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Copper Fold-Formed Leaf Earrings – Large

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